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Cheers! Have a great Aussie Christmas :)

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Christmas in Australia is within three days of the longest day of the year, we have long daylight hours with warm temperatures. Sun, Surf, Sand and Summer Fun!!! That's Christmas in Australia. While it may be snowing in other parts of the world, for us it's hot, hot, hot! So you can understand why Aussie's have changed some traditional Christmas songs to fit our lifestyle downunder.

Linked to this page are a few of these songs, their words and meanings :):

* Aussie Jingle Bells

* Aussie Christmas Medley

* 12 Aussie Days of Christmas

* Deck the Shed

* Six White Boomers

Australia is one of the first countries in the world to commence Christmas Day celebrations.

On the 25th December the sun rises on a new day on the east coast of Australia.
The International Date Line runs down through the Pacific ocean just east of New Zealand. A new day commences and slowly the rest of the world follows.
After rising in NZ the sun quickly moves across the ocean to the east coast of Australia where it rises about 6am AEST on Christmas morning.
Back in NZ it is 8am and children are now awake and most likely opening presents from Santa as they jump up on their parents bed with eyes wide and faces beaming with smiles.
As Australia is so large an island the time in our other capital cities is later than the east coast. In Adelaide it is only 5.30am and in Perth 4am Christmas morning. At this time it is only noon on 24th December in Los Angeles. gift

You think we don't have a snowman? Oh but we do, sort of lol...

Ours is made of beach sand, and our sandman is complete with straw wide-brimed hat to protect him from the sun, he has a scarf and carrot nose which links him to the original snowman :) santasand

Carols By Candlelight...

A tradition in Australia, usually held the week prior to Christmas "Carols by Candlelight" was started in Melbourne, Australia by radio announcer Norman Banks in 1937. Usually starting before dark and running to around 10pm. Many communities gather at their local park, lake or major city (these can be extremely huge events with thousands of people). Bringing picnic rugs, chairs, drinks, food, candles (the candles are surrounded by something to protect the flame from any wind, usually aluminium foil) and carol sheets (these are often printed in the newspapers prior to the events) and armed with best singing voices, people flock to these events and enjoy a night of singing carols and spreading the christmas message. Happy smiling children's faces are everywhere and much fun is had by everyone. Carols in the Domain is a huge event in Sydney at this time of year, this event is televised and those not in Sydney watch it on television and sing alongs I am sure are in many homes. carolsbycandlelight

Holidays ...

Our school holidays are from early December to the end of January. Many families choose this time for annual holidays. We also have public holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New years Day during this time.

Santa's arrival ...

Santa arrives in many ways in Australia, I have seen him arrive on a jet ski on the ocean, glide over the ocean on a ski towed by a motor boat, in a boat, on the back of a fire truck, in the back of an old holden ute, parachute out of a plane, on a unicycle and even arrive on the back of a bull. I remember as a kid going in big department store and through a kind of castle made of cardboard cutouts to reach Santa. santaute

Memories ...

In our family we have always put our decorations up early December and taken them down on 6th January. From early December until the end of the year wonderful Christmas lighting displays can be seen on many homes Growing up, this was a big thing for us.. Many families jump in cars after dark or take to the streets on foot to view these displays.
We always had the same real pine christmas tree for years, it was in a massive pot and we brought it inside for Christmas day, that was until the day it it grew too tall for inside the house, I still remember the smell of fresh pine to this day. Everyone in the house (my mother, father, nana, pop, my sister and myself) used to take the time to decorate the tree and house, even the cat "helped" in his own "special" way lol. There was one ball in particular on that tree that used to take his fancy. Despite our cat "Sassy"s fascination with this ball, the tree's decorations survived all the years :)
I remember the excitement and anticipation of Christmas as a child and hope that my children always feel the same. Times change and the years move on, I no longer live by the ocean but in the country and my children's life is certainly different to how my childhood was, however i try and give them the same sense of fun and excitement that I remember.
Christmas dinner for us was always the traditional fare, roast dinner with ham, turkey, pork and all the trimmings, christmas pudding with threepence in it, even when the decimal currency came in, my nana kept these threepence and used them in the pudding for as long as I can remember. To this day my mother still has them. As kids we loved finding these. Damper is also popular in Australia. Modern day has seen the decline of mothers spending the mornings cooking in a hot kitchens on an even hotter summer days, many families opting for a banquet of wonderful seafood. In our family, we tend to have a combination of both these days. Usually there is so much left over that we are eating left overs for a week lol.
On a hot summers day, the sound of cicadas or crickets can be heard. Also beautiful Christmas Bells can be found. cmas-bellAs well as the Christmas Bush. xmasbush
The days were hot and balmy and living on the sea, the smell of the sea breeze as it blew in the open window and caressed my skin at night will live with me forever. It is very hard for me to image having any other kind of Christmas, I mean gee what more could you want... but I would like to experience a true "White Christmas" just once with the kind of snow that we here only imagine :)

There are so many memories so I will end this here. If while reading this, questions come to mind, mail me and I will include the answer in this page, if they have come to your mind they will no doubt be in others.

Enjoy your Christmas wherever in the world you are and I hope you have the best of fun as we do here :)

A Merry Aussie Christmas to you all ! MerryChristmas


You wont see a snowball fight here in Australia at Christmas however looks kinda fun.
From the land downunder to you, have a Merry Christmas and Safe Holiday season no matter where in the world you are :)

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